In accordance with the Government Order, regarding the current pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, our beer and wine SPA Lázně Pramen is temporally closed for public from 25.12.2020.

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SPA Wine baths in Prague

Ruby Well — a source of true delight — Wine bath. Water, red or white wine in combination with herbs and grapes. The bath takes place in a larch bathtub with jacuzzi. This spa is a real ruby in the offer of our well.

Extracts of wine strengthens the whole body

Like the beer bath, as well as the wine they begin gaining popularity due to its many beneficial effects on the entire body. In wine there is truth, it is a saying known since time immemorial. And that is wine in limited quantities healthy and even healing, known for our grandmothers. Wine may not operate only inside but also outside - the seeds of grapes, wine yeast, honey and plant extracts to provide strengthening and revitalizing effect, promote blood circulation and brighten your skin.

Wine bath in Prague

  • Wine bath (20 minutes)
  • A bottle of red or white wine (of your choice) from our partners
  • Relaxation by the fireplace on a haystack (20-30 minutes)


Wine bath — how it works?

The bath takes place in a hot tub made of larch. The tub is filled with water with the addition of red wine, extracts from the vine leaves and grape seeds, wine yeasts, honey, herbal extracts, French lavender flowers and fragrant oils.

Combination of these nutrients has restorative and rejuvenating effects, supports relaxation, restores vitality, and improves blood circulation in the tissues. Rich red color of the water will delight your eyes and the delicate scent of grapes will help you to relax and find harmony. Wine bath can serve as a great start to a pleasant rest.

Wine therapy is a French invention and represents the latest and unique healing method. This method is based on the use of vine components (vine leaves, wine yeasts, grape seed oil, grape skin, grape extracts). The therapeutic effect of wine therapy is related to the presence of polyphenols in grapes. It has antioxidant properties, or the ability to bind free radicals that arise due to solar radiation, air pollution, cigarette smoke, and stress. Free radicals are the main cause of aging. In addition, grapes are rich in glucose, fructose, vitamins C, A, E, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, P, PP as well as amino acids and trace elements essential for the body. The famous «OPC» extract called the «youth hormone» is made from grape seeds.«. Wine therapy is suitable for almost all men and women.


Excess weight, cellulite, insomnia and stress, blood circulation problems, skin aging, presence of toxins in the body, lack of vitamins in the skin, bowel problems, pain in rheumatism and arthritis.


Metabolic diseases, acute infectious diseases, alcohol addiction, allergies to any products made from red grapes, increased bleeding tendency, any damage to the skin, various skin diseases, malignant tumors, benign tumors which tend to increase.

Larch Bath

Magic tree.

Larch wood is a natural antiseptic. Due to its special resin composition, this tree is not attacked by wood-destroying insects. While many other species of trees are susceptible to rotting, larch can be used safely without any chemical treatment.

Larch has very unusual properties. It survives for more than 500 years and is much stronger than oak. In contact with water the larch wood literally changes into rock, which is the real reason why our ancestors used it for the production of posts that were put into swamps or wet soil as the basis for the construction of buildings.

There are many buildings that were made of larch 300 or more years ago and have been well preserved until today. For example, the beautiful «floating» city of Venice stands on 400,000 posts made of larch. That’s why larch bathtubs are considered eternal because with time they only gain strength.

But it is not the only remarkable property of this magic wood. Phytocides secreted by larch wood penetrate into the respiratory tract and prevent cold and viral diseases. There is a lower probability of the occurrence of migraine and vasospasm related neuroses and the blood pressure in hypertension is normalized in buildings made of Siberian larch. Even our ancestors knew about different therapeutic properties of Siberian larch due to the content of biologically active nutrients and antioxidants in the wood. It is generally known that antioxidants help the body to fight against aging and various diseases, especially nowadays due to the decrease in our immunity because of frequent stress, air pollution and radiation. Therefore, we can say that hot baths in larch bathtubs are beneficial to health in all respects.