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Lázně Pramen

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Beer and wine bath in Prague 

Prague SPA Pramen will take you into the world of real spa.

Well (in Czech «Pramen») is a natural seepage of underground water to the surface of the earth.

The more successful we are, the more intensive our search for our own springs is:

Life • Health • Rejuvenation • Satisfaction • Relaxation


Beer SPA 

Gold and Emerald Well — a source of relaxation — Beer bath. Combination of selected ingredients: hops, malt, purest water, and original Czech beer «Kynšperský Zajíc». Hops are considered the emerald of the Czech Republic. Malt and beer are perceived as the real Czech gold.

Wine SPA

Ruby Well — a source of true delight — Wine bath. Water, red or white wine in combination with herbs and grapes. The bath takes place in a larch bathtub with jacuzzi. This spa is a real ruby in the offer of our well.



Lázně Pramen — Open your Well.



睿, 中国, 2017-07-09
Lazne Pramen was the best experience I got in Prague. I was never that relaxed in my life! Staff is very welcoming and nice, the beer is awesome. I also got massage which made me feel like a newborn. I am looking forward to visit it again!
Martina, Argentina, 2017-06-23