Dear guests! Unfortunately we have to inform you that in accordance with the Government Order issued on Thursday, March 12th, regarding the current pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, our beer and wine SPA Lázně Pramen is temporally closed for public. We will keep in touch you regards any update. If you already have a reservation, we will contact you as soon as possible. We are ready to answer any questions you will have: / +420 728 059 770.
We are looking forward to see you soon. Take you care.

Lázně Pramen



LaznePramen –啤酒和红葡萄酒的温泉就在欧洲的中心,布拉格。



生活 • 健康 • 复壮 • 满足感 • 放松 • 好玩儿


金的和祖母绿的洗澡.啤酒花, 麦芽, 纯净水和原作的捷克啤酒«Kynšperský Zajíc».啤酒花就是捷克的祖母绿。然后捷克的麦芽是这里的黄金.


红宝石的 — 你们可以在真实的来源放松以下,您想要红酒还是白酒?红葡萄酒,药茶跟葡萄。这个就是我们的红宝石。




The best thing we have ever made ! Beer Spa and Massage ! A thing you need to do while you are in Prague ! Perfect Service ! THANK YOU
Katrin and Kai, Germany, 2018-01-04
This Spa was very calming, clean and relaxing. Christina was really helpful and accommodating to us. She recommended the pub next-door to have great traditional Czech food and the beer was awesome there too. This was our first time visiting Prague and having a beer bath with massage and it was awesome. The only downside to the massage, was that the ladies didn’t massage on both sides of the body, but the overall experience was awesome and I would definitely come back again to this location. They made us feel welcome and they were very understanding when we had miscommunication in reference to the beer mugs as souvenirs. We expressed our concerns and they very apologetic to us and that felt sincere. I can’t say enough on This was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in trying the things that are not traditional and by the way the beer on tap in the beer bath was very taste and has become one of my favorite beers to drink. Thank you for the experience until next time.
Whitney, USA, 2017-10-12